Iota Sig Annual Corporate Election

    Cast your vote today for our annual corporate election

    For our Alumni Members in good standing, please see the voting polls below. To be a member in good standing, you must either donate to the Corporation or send a letter of interest to our secretary Matt Vani ([email protected]), in the year before the election. We will also continue to support electronic voting. If you have any questions about voting, or being a Member in Good Standing, feel free to ask!

    Candidates for 3 year at large positions are as follows:

    Tom Pagani ’15

    Rich Grousset ’98

    Frank Thompson ’17

    (these candidates are not mutually exclusive - each one should have the yea or nay as in previous years)

    Candidates for 1 year officer positions are as follows:

    Tom Pagani ’15

    Vice President - Anton Volkmann ’17

    Treasurer - Whin Melville ’63

    Secretary - Matt Vani ’17